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Village Creek Drying Beds

The Village Creek Drying Beds are located in Arlington, TX. These beds are part of an old sewage treatment plant. It is a hotspot for migrating birds and is known throughout the country for its variety of bird life.

After a long drought, the beds were totally dry. In the summer of 2014, the city added water to the beds, but this was just a stop gap for the hot summer.

Then, in the spring and fall of 2015, the state of Texas was inundated with rainfall. This welcomed rain fall has brought the VCDB back to life!

I captured this image of a flight of four Buffleheads as they migrated through the VCBD in the Spring of 2016.

Click on each thumbnail below to see a larger image of the photo.
  •  Great Egret feeding

    Great Egret feeding

  •  American Coot landing

    American Coot landing

  •  North American Pintails in formation

    North American Pintails in formation

  •  Green-winged Teal

    Green-winged Teal

  •  Formation of Mallards

    Formation of Mallards

  •  Northern Shovelers

    Northern Shovelers

  •  Northern Shoveler flies past my blind.

    Northern Shoveler flies past my blind.

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